Who we are

The Tennessee Walking horses at RocknRidge have been home schooled and mountain conditioned. The breed is known for their friendliness, willingness, and of course, the swift and smooth way they travel. We are bare footers, keeping our horses trimmed but unshod, and using hoof boots when required. We also have access to a number of other fine horse and special wranglers for large groups, themed trips and special events.
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Caly in action.



Kevin started riding as a young boy on a pony “a child abusing Shetland Pony” that did not inspire love of equs. Luckily he was given another chance as a teen to ride a fine, large, walking horse while visiting his grandmother during summers. His family eventually moved to a rural setting where they had a ranch grade quarter horse. It was there he developed a passion for the open country and the horse. Fortunately his family could support that passion by allowing him to have and train country horses while he made a career in the capitol city as a firefighter and paramedic. Now retired from the city he brings that passion to his next adventure; helping others to achieve that same expansive experience of a wide open country…and a horse.



The Counselor

Melissa, youngest of four in a professional family came to live as an only child, often home alone. Her parents were wise to find a remarkable horse and board him near their home in the hill country of Pittsburgh. Soon Melissa was spending her spare time riding and caring for Tonka, forging a love for horses that would help her through the challenges of developing responsible values and seeing an alternate way of being in the world.  After earning a degree in psychology she began as a counselor of troubled youth which led to programing family retreats and youth camps at a remarkable facility in the mountains of Utah. She hopes to incorporate horses and nature to offer others a therapeutic and alternative way for being in the world.


Cuppa' Joe

Big Fella

Joe has made it to the Varsity team. He's strong and confident and has a fun horsenality. He's the offspring of Caly and was also born on our spot. A gentle giant with a fun personality he is the most likely to try to sneak home in your pocket.

My beloved Kate, RIP sweet girl.


Ranch Manager, Chief of Security

Age and origin unknown.
AKA: Cup Kate, Bess Ever.

Kate comes from the dusty border land by way of Elko where we secured her pardon and release near the end of the green mile.


La Vida Noche

The Matriarch

Horses rely on a dominant female to guide and provide order to the heard. Noche, calm and confident, holds that spot for our horses. Steady and sure footed, she is as reliable a horse as can be found. The elder, and the first horse born under our care.


Kev's Calypso

Prom Queen

Caly is not just another pretty face she is a superb horse of impeccable breeding, tracing back to some of the most famous horses in the Walking horse breed. Smooth of gate and long on endurance she is a favorite in our stable.