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We regret to inform that we, Melissa and I, are suffering a personal catastrophe and will be unable to take requests for the remainder of the year. The horses are fine and we will recover. We feel so grateful for the support and joy we have received over the years. As always, we refer rides we're unable to satisfy to our friends at Red Cliffs Lodge. I hope to see you further on up the road.



The trails are dry and the mountain wildflowers are in full bloom! We've had outstanding rides and many happy riders in May. The horses are in fine trim and finally shed their winter coats. The road to the upper mountain is open, but; the Aspen Loop is obstructed by many fallen trees. The foresters are working to clear the trail and we hope to be on the loop soon. In the mean time, we are offering an enhanced Wide Angle. It's an out and back of equal length and cost as the Beau Coup. Back after two years; this weekend is the Moab PRCA Rodeo!


Rockridge Rides is open and taking requests for private and group rides. Book now on "The Horseback Rides" above.
April was a soft opening due to late snows and early rain, but we did have scheduled rides, slowly moving up the ridge with the improving trail conditions. Also; we have, for the first time, provided spring rides in the desert as an alternative. Watch the menu of rides to change offering early season, late season and special request rides in the warm desert below.


We have wrapped up the 2021 season. We will be closed for the winter months and re-open for mountain rides again in April. We are taking early reservations for the 2022 season from April through October. We are exited to announce the possibility of early desert rides starting in March, on a non-reserved, first come basis to be booked one week in advance.
Many thanks to our guests for making our year a success!


The colors have been brilliant in the aspens! It seems that winter is close, we've built the first fire and shaken out our jackets. It has been wet and blustery a few days but most rides have gone as scheduled. Most of the remaining dates are booked but some ones or twos are available until the end of the month when we close for the off season.


The shoulder season of Autumn is showing with the color of early fall foliage as the Aspen Loop and it's namesake forest starts to pop. The season is shifting from desert heat to crisp nights and nice warm days, and; already we see a patchwork of color advancing on the mountain side. It looks like the display will be brilliant.


I'm not prone to superstition or apocalyptic catastrophizing, but; why does it seem always that the flood follows the fire? We had over two weeks with daily rain and the finale was a twenty four hour deluge that took much of the burned material to the valley below. The Roundabout has been a real saving grace for rides through it all and we only had to cancel one day. Now we're back in the high country and riding horses on dry trails in cool, lush, green, forest. Truth is that the region needs a drought breaker and I hope that the flow of moisture continues on through winter


We finally realized every mountain homeowners nightmare, uncontrolled fire on the mountain. I think we were very close to losing it all. It's been disorienting in some interesting ways. We self evacuated on the ninth of June with Zach, the horses, and the very few things one would grab on the way out. We spent only one night away, but the horses were off the mountain for a week. Recreation was closed on the mountain until a week ago, but we are back to riding on the Roundabout with hopes of seeing the high ridge about the middle of the month.


We are finally riding on the high ridge, with all the upper mountain rides on the menu! The wild flowers are popping and look to climax over the next couple of weeks. The horses are in fine trim and as the summer heat bakes the dessert below we're pushing the limits of pastoral pleasure in the alpine climate above.


April delivered some slight accumulation of snow, but the month went more about warming, and drying the boggy, muddy ground left behind after March's late snows. So, as we head into May the mountain ground is firm on the lower half where we have been riding, which; by the way, incudes a few thousand acres of new ground we have worked into the early season and short ride terrain we can offer. But, about May: we will be pushing the trail up to the high ridge in the next day or two and I expect the full Wide Angle to be back on the menu. Also the horses are in fine trim and are in as good as shape as ever. Go team, go!


We have Gus back on the ranch! And, this time he's here to stay. He's a big half draft of Percheron mix with very nice qualities of temperament and friendliness. We're happy to have him, and; although Joe is a little imidated, I think he will be glad to share the heavy lifting.
As for trail conditions: the  Roundabout is dry and we have been linking two segments for a two hour ride until the Wide angle dries up. We have been riding many standard one hour Roundabout rides as well. I'll be checking conditions on the upper Wide Angle this weekend and I am optimistic we'll be able to get to the high ridge very soon.


I wasn't hopeful for early Spring but the sun has been bright, days longer, and the snow is mostly gone around the ranch. I had a test ride on the Roundabout and we are going to open with our first scheduled ride for this Sunday, April 4th. Bookings are coming in and the schedule looks busy until the third full week of April, so if you are thinking about joining us, early reservations are recommended.


Winter always comes at 8,000 feet, it's just a matter of when and how much. This one started in earnest, came back (off and on), then showed up again last week. It was a major storm over the weekend, a two part deal that left about three feet behind and then kicked it all around with strong wind. I'm setting trail to get the Roundabout to melt out, but the upper trails will be a job for nature herself. I'll be updating the conditions on the Book A Ride page, so; refer there to see current and expected openings. ks


Winter has shown itself in the form of a polar blast. It snowed, it blew, it froze the water too. The end of October is the end of our riding season, so we are wrapping up the year end details and preparing to rest and repair. We'll be back in the spring and get to the trail when when the gettin' is good.


Clouds, we've  got clouds again. I swear we went a month without a cloud in the sky. The mountain weather has been fine, fall is hanging in there. With the mild and dry weather the color came on vivid and the leaves are falling gradual.

There is still room on the Beau Coup ride on 10/21, it will be the last opportunity to get on this ride this year.

As our season nears it's close at the end of the month, I have much to reflect on. We are grateful to all the fine people who have shared their memory making with us. Grateful and honored. ks


September 25, 2020

Fall colors are in full display with the Aspens working up to a climactic finish. There are openings on the Beau Coup for 9/27 (one rider), 10/8 (two riders), 10/21 (two riders). this is a long, advanced ride. Please go to the book a ride page to request a spot on one of these epic rides.


August 10, 2020

August is finishing the job started by July...cooking of the desert in triple digit temperatures. We are averaging twenty degrees cooler here than in the valley, so it's been a welcome escape. I'll say it again the Aspen Loop has been outstanding!


July 26, 2020

The Aspen Loop is....OPEN!

We have done the Aspen Loop with a shuttle to and from the trail head in previous years. Now we will be meeting at the Hazard County TH to start and finish there. No need to share close confines in the truck, that's good right?                             There was tremendous blow down on large trees this spring with many across the trail, but; thanks to the FS and their hard working saw crews we are riding in the forest! This years rides on the Wide Angle and Round About have been excellent, but I am very pleased to have this outstanding option available again. Book it now by selecting Book A Ride at the top of this page. ks


July 11, 2020

It snowed on the eighth of June. Temps down to 28 froze the flowers and the hillside of Scrub Oak. Oak is recovering and the flowers will get another chance next year, but; it hasn't rained for a while. Hot and dry. The ground in the valley fractures for want of a drink. The mountain here...also dry. Today, in Moab, 106. Here on the ridge it's 84 in the shade, which is where we are, horses, dogs, and me. ks

Sometimes peaple ask if I ever get tired of looking at this.
Tengo's first ride in the desert in the desert.
Nice hat Sarah.
Wow! brilliant fall foliage.
Gallery Photo
That's Canyonlands in the backkground.
Ridge on fire.
Ridge on fire.
Mountain burning.
It's a winter snow storm.