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Happenings on The Hill


Clouds, we've  got clouds again. I swear we went a month without a cloud in the sky. The mountain weather has been fine, fall is hanging in there. With the mild and dry weather the color came on vivid and the leaves are falling gradual.

There is still room on the Beau Coup ride on 10/21, it will be the last opportunity to get on this ride this year.

As our season nears it's close at the end of the month, I have much to reflect on. We are grateful to all the fine people who have shared their memory making with us. Grateful and honored. ks


September 25, 2020

Fall colors are in full display with the Aspens working up to a climactic finish. There are openings on the Beau Coup for 9/27 (one rider), 10/8 (two riders), 10/21 (two riders). this is a long, advanced ride. Please go to the book a ride page to request a spot on one of these epic rides.


August 10, 2020

August is finishing the job started by July...cooking of the desert in triple digit temperatures. We are averaging twenty degrees cooler here than in the valley, so it's been a welcome escape. I'll say it again the Aspen Loop has been outstanding!


July 26, 2020

The Aspen Loop is....OPEN!

We have done the Aspen Loop with a shuttle to and from the trail head in previous years. Now we will be meeting at the Hazard County TH to start and finish there. No need to share close confines in the truck, that's good right?                             There was tremendous blow down on large trees this spring with many across the trail, but; thanks to the FS and their hard working saw crews we are riding in the forest! This years rides on the Wide Angle and Round About have been excellent, but I am very pleased to have this outstanding option available again. Book it now by selecting Book A Ride at the top of this page. ks


July 11, 2020

Well, that didn't happen. It snowed on the eighth of June. Temps down to 28 froze the flowers and the hillside of Scrub Oak. Oak is recovering and the flowers will get another chance next year, but; it hasn't rained for a while. Hot and dry. The ground in the valley fractures for want of a drink. The mountain here...also dry. Today, in Moab, 106. Here on the ridge it's 84 in the shade, which is where we are, horses, dogs, and me. ks


June 7, 2020

We had some incredible rain last week, that should help the plants and extend the wildflower bloom for a while.


June 6, 2020

The season has picked up and our re-tooled offering is for out and back rides since there are safety concerns with car shuttles. We are waiting anxiously for the Aspen loop to be cleared of fallen trees at which time we will have all rides open but the "Beau Coup", which will be tough without the shuttle.


May 1, 2020

For the month of May RnR is offering a half price locals appreciation special; trades considered. We can accommodate up to three riders at a time. Sanitation and distancing measures have been established. Please brows the rides and contact us to book a ride or get more information.


January 21-2020.

It's snowing out right now, just an average winter storm. I'm expecting 6-12 inches. So far a normal spring looks possible since the big baby El Niño seems to have moved on. If the pattern holds we can hope for a limited opening sometime in April, but it is possible we will still be limited in May. I am reluctant to take reservations until mid May, but; if you can plan around the possibility of persistent winter conditions go to "Book a Ride" page and send a message with your request.

Cheers from us, all in our winter coats, Kevin

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