What you need to know

Beginners have fun too.

What to wear

The weather can rapidly switch from hot to chilly so even when it’s hot it’s a good idea to have a jacket. Long pants are your best choice, as are boots or shoes with a heel, but any closed toe shoe will work. Just don’t wear your sandals. Other smart things to bring would be a hat, lip balm, sunscreen and a water bottle. We will provide stowage for your personal gear and if you have forgotten anything essential, let us know, we will do our best to provide you with a backup.

Age, weight and skill

Skill- We expect that many of our clients will have no riding experience and we do provide some instruction as a matter of course, but you must be able to get up the trail and proceed with confidence. We won’t exclude any one as a matter of policy, but we may turn your experience in the direction of your abilities if safety is a concern. If we are unable to satisfy your request for the epic ride of your choice due to readiness, we will be happy to spend an equal amount of time working with you to get to that level. This may mean training in a confined area or a less demanding trail.

Age- 12 yo minimum. A rider of any age must show independent confidence to leave on a mountain trail. Though we expect that to be possible around twelve years of age, we realize it can vary either direction depending on the child and their experience level. Parents must be flexible, as we are, to match an experience to the abilities of their child. We can do many things without exposing a child to challenges above their ability. Sometimes just sitting a horse or riding while being led will be the high point of your kid’s vacation.

Weight- 230 lbs. (105 kg) max. While there is much we can adapt to, there is little we can do to compensate for weight over our limits. We ask a lot of our horses and they rely on us to keep them safe. If you are over our limit, please be honest about your weight.

Weather concerns

Mountain and desert weather can be tricky but still, more or less, predictable. We understand that schedules are important and endeavor to keep to a schedule when that is possible. We also understand that nature will not adapt to us. Therefore, when we see the need to adapt we try. This could mean a later or earlier ride time, another day, or in some cases switching to a better location. If weather conditions prevent us from riding as planned and you are unable to modify your plan we will refund you.

What do we mean by special arrangement?

Special requests and special events require special consideration. We like to do it, it just requires a little more thought and preparation. So tell us what your thinking and we’ll do our best to accommodate your wishes.

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