The Horseback Rides

Tailored horseback rides in Moab, Utah. All skill levels Welcome!

Please read about our rides below and choose the best option for you, or click over yonder to contact us for help.

Horseback rides on easy trail.

Price: $90

The Roundabout

Activities made easy.

This is a one hour ride that combines high value scenery with an affordable price. Your wrangler will pick from several routes to provide the best option for your skill level, and current conditions. The Roundabout makes it easy to combine an affordable activity and a memorable horseback ride.

The Wide Angle

Our signature ride.

Our signature ride is a two or more hour ride leaving from our base on the upper La Sal Loop Road. We climb our way onto the mountain by way of trails, old miner’s roads, and even off trail riding. It’s a fun cross country ride to the view point where this ride earns its name. We can see Canyonlands National Park, Arches and the surrounding Red Rock Desert... all of it! This is a vista with hundred mile views of distant mountains and plateaus from Utah to Arizona. You’ll want to snap some photos but don’t get stuck behind the viewfinder because it’s too wide to capture anywhere but your imagination.

Aspen Loop

Price: $140

The Aspen Loop

The Perfect Compliment

This outstanding two hour loop angles past Warner Lake, climbing high in the national forest under dappled light muted by primitive stands of pine and aspen trees. Air saturated with forest aroma gives way to bright clearings and spectacular views of the La Sal Mountains. It's a ride you will remember. You’ve got to love a horse for giving you a passage such as this. This is also the upper leg of “The Beau Coup”.

Note: Aspen Loop is limited to three riders

The Beau Coup Route

“Boo Coo Roo”    It’s The Big Day!

This four hour ride is the combination of the “Wide Angle” and the “Aspen Loop”. It is an enhanced option for intrepid riders with an appetite for adventure. Contact us for availability.

Note: Beau Coup is limited to three riders. This ride starts from base and ends on upper mountain. Return shuttle provided, (twenty minute ride, with face masks).

Beginners have fun too.

Price: $170

 $85 (per hour)

Boot Camp

A two hour package.

We can help you prepare to ride. Learn riding skills and practice in a confined area. If you are confident, and your wrangler approves, you can finish up in open country, putting your training to use.