The Horseback Rides

Our horseback rides in Moab, Utah cover every skill level. Read about our rides below and choose the best option for your group or contact us about custom options.

Wide Angle

Our signature ride.

Leaving from our base on the upper La Sal Loop Road we climb our way onto the mountain using trails, old miner’s roads, and some off trail riding. It’s a fun cross country ride to the view point where this ride earns its name. From one spot you can see Canyon Lands, Arches and the surrounding Red Rock Desert... all of it! This is a sight, with hundred mile views. You’ll know it’s true when your guide points out distant mountains and ranges in Utah and Arizona. You’ll want to snap some photo’s but don’t get stuck behind the view finder because it’s too wide to capture anywhere but your imagination. This is also the first leg of “The Big Day”.

Note: Depending on circumstances we may ride this as a one way (return shuttle provided), an out and back, or possibly in combination with instructional riding.

Beau Coup Route

“Boo Coo Roo” It’s not a French cowboy... it’s the “Big Ride.”

The Beau Coup is also the upper leg of “The Big Day”. The trail angles around Warner Lake, a beautiful alpine lake in the aspen and pine forest, then climbs to the tree line at Burro Pass. This is a ride you will remember for the crisp air saturated with forest aroma. Marvel as you pass from the dappled light of giant aspen and pine trees to the vast and brilliant sky above tree line. We can break for pit stops, or to take in the view. Our ultimate destination and goal is the parking area at Geyser Pass and completion of a memorable day of riding. You’ve got to love a horse for giving you a passage such as this.

Note: Return shuttle provided.

The Big Day

Need we say more?

This is the combination of the “Wide Angle” and the “Beau Coup” in one trip. We offer this option to experienced riders with saddle hardened sitz bones. Others are recommended to approach this as a goal and take it in steps. Contact us to discuss how you might make this goal an excellent reality.

Note: Return shuttle provided.

Reverse Traverse - Horseback Rides

Need we say more backwards?

It's the  “Beau Coup” or  "The Big Day" from the opposite direction.

Note: Return shuttle provided.

Horseback trail rides La Sal Mountains Moab Utah

Price: Details by request


Inside the Red Rock Desert

By special arrangement, or during times of inclement mountain weather, we may offer desert rides as an alternative. The desert rides in the fall and spring months are delightful and offer many attractive options. As always, options vary with conditions. Contact us with a request for red rock desert rides and we’ll see if it is possible to put your special desert ride together.

Special note: Though the desert allows comfortable passage earlier and later in the year than the mountain does, it is, in mid-summer, completely unforgiving in terms of dry heat. Therefore, we will consider only the most intricately prepared and well thought out requests for the desert during the extremes of summer.


Price: $160

 $85 (per hour)

Boot Camp

A two hour package.

Learn horse riding skills, or if you haven’t been riding for a while, tune up your riding skills. We will help you prepare to ride and practice riding skills in a confined area. If you are confident, and your wrangler approves, you can finish up in open country, putting your training to use.